Minggu, 17 Juli 2011

Iqraa TV ???? ???? ???? ???????

Iqraa TV live streaming online ???? ???? ???? ??????? watch Iqraa TV ???? ???? ???? ??????? on QQstreaming.Com. Iqraa TV is general islamic television channel which broadcast and located on Saudi Arabia.

About IqraaTV

Iqraa TV (Arabic: ????? iqra? "read")[1] is a satellite and internet television channel owned by Sheikh Salah Kamal's Arab Media Corporation. It was founded in 1998. The channel promotes itself as a "Muslim family's safe haven", presenting religious and social programming. The Iqraa channel says its vision is;

Iqraa Channel seeks to meet the viewers� needs through presenting a number of serious programs on the viewers� everyday life problems, serving their spiritual, cultural, social and economic interests, from an Islamic perspective with a modern vision.

and that part of its mission is; Iqraa Channel also aims at presenting the true moderate face of Islam to people in the West where media does not present an objective view on the Islamic Law

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